Lorie Moore

Google Image

Google Image

X Factor is a show I don’t really watch but glance at every now and then. I found out about Lorie Moore from Tisha Campbell’s Twitter page. Lorie Moore is an X Factor singer. Not only that, but she’s a great singer, and not just any singer. Lorie can make simple words in a song sound great. She can make a listener feel where she’s coming from through her singing because she puts her heart and soul into a song. Lorie has been singing at Xen Lounge.

It was very nice of Tisha Campbell Martin to recognize a great new talent and gift. May God bless her for recognizing Lorie Moore. I would not have known about Lorie if it had not been for Tisha. Now I pass the news on to others that have not heard of Lorie. See more about how Lorie was discovered in the next video.

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