Building a Foundation

Xen Lounge started with a thought. The thought came from actor Duane Martin. He took a building and made a lounge. From my understanding, the building was bought. So Duane took something and made something more out of it. So he did not have to worry about a foundation for the building because he was already blessed with the foundation already sitting there for him.

A Second Foundation

Now, there is another foundation that has been shown to me. Duane has two. That foundation is made of the people inside the building. That foundation can include his friends that helped him along the way, his family, and even the eyes and ears of people spreading the word about Xen everywhere. That is why it is important for everyone to be on one accord without tearing each other down. That is why it is good to share knowledge and work together with people. I wish Duane Martin all the best.


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