Tisha Campbell Megafest 2013 Interview



Tisha: An artist is a person who can make change. An artist is a person who was sent here to change mindsets. That’s why we’re here.

Tisha Campbell has an image. I do not see where she has to worry about it. If she is pleasing God, it does not matter what the world thinks at all. Some people judge celebrities that they are not Christians. They judge the outer appearance. To me, image means nothing. It’s about what is in the soul of a person. Only God knows what is truly inside. I posted this video because I think that it is good to know more about how Tisha feels about the Christian world and entertainment. If Tisha is not doing right in the world of entertainment, God knows whether or not she wants to. We need to stop judging so much and just worry about getting ourselves right. We need to do what it is we need to do. Some of us spend a lot of time judging celebrities, but we spend a lot of time watching and enjoying them too. However, there are some things that celebrities and actors do that I do not agree with because Hollywood is not about God. Celebrities curse his name in movies and use a lot of profanity. It’s okay to tell each other when we are wrong when we care, and we even need to do that right in the Lord.

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