Husband and Wife Teams

It’s a wonderful thing when you are married and a team making it together. If you are married and one person is pulling one way and the other person is pulling another, you won’t make it together. Before my mother passed away, I had a talk with her when I was in high school about marriage. I told her that if I ever decide to marry a guy, I want to marry a guy that likes to do the things that I like to do. I told her that I wanted a career with the man I married. She told me that sometimes there is competition and envy between husbands and wives that are like that. My mother did not try to discourage me about anything, but she always pointed out the good and the bad. She also gave me advice that I should have something for myself. It was very good advice. Today, I work at a manufacture broadcast company. I try to take care of myself. It’s a crazy world out there and people are crazy and greedy.

When I look at Tisha and Duane, they appear to be a team. People say a lot of things about them, but nobody knows like they do. I hope that they continue to work together. I pray that they will always remain friends, that nothing will come between them, and that God will be first in their lives always.

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