Reaching for Higher Standards

After the television show, Martin, Tisha Campbell Martin was still successful in my eyes. She made a name for herself, and she got her foot in the door. I do not know how she looked at herself, but she saw the need to continue in her career. Tisha did not stop. She kept on reaching for higher standards.

It is important to me to reach for higher standards. It is a challenge because people do not want to see you successful in life. Even boss men may try to talk you down about great ideas and things that you could make better for the company you work for. They envy, tell you your ideas are nothing, and turn around and take your ideas. It doesn’t bother me when I want to see a company I work for succeed, but I stop sharing because of their selfishness. All you may want is a raise and the boss may tell you every single year that the company has no money to give raises. You know that the company you work for is a multi – million dollar enterprise. First, it was just a project, and the big boss was trying to make it just like the employees. When you work for someone that has no money, you will never have any money. They may laugh at you when you talk about higher standards. It really has nothing to do with anyone else. You know you have to do better in life and do what’s best for you. But how will you do it? Where will you go to make a start? It seems there is a close door every where because of greed.

It you have an idea, write it down and plan it out. You may not have much money, but you can do a little here and there until you have it all. When I think about success, I think about Noah building the ark. It is said that the people laughed and mocked at Noah, but I do not see it in the Bible that they laughed. People may laugh at you, but what did Noah do? Noah kept on in God’s plan. We have to do the same.


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