You’ve Got A Friend

Tisha Campbell Martin and her husband Duane seem to have friends, and they seem to have a lot of support. Most of all, her and her husband seem like the best of friends.

Friends are special. If you can count one good friend on your finger, you are blessed. A true friend seems rare. The only one I know is my Lord and Savior Jesus. He died for me. When trouble comes, an earthly friend may run and hide and leave you standing alone. People will say, I’ll be there for you, and I’ll do so and so for you. The friend that said he would come may not come. Your enemy may come and be your friend instead.

How many of you have friends down at the club? They’ll help you smoke that one last drug knowing that last drug could kill you. When it’s time to close your eyes and die, you’ve got to die alone. That so call friend might hold your hand as you are dying, but you’ve got to go all by yourself. Think about what a friend is.



I’m thinking of a song titled, You’ve Got a Friend, sung by James Taylor and also sung by Al Green and Billy Preston.


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