Love Is All That’s Needed

Tisha Campbell Martin said that she once stopped singing. She called herself a punk, but she was never a punk. I understand the things she said. Sometimes life can change you, and God don’t always take away your gift when you don’t use it. He understands that life can be difficult, and he knows how to judge.

When it comes to things, I never ask God for much. There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a great singer in Hollywood, but God told me no. Like all other high school students, I had a dream to become something. I do not believe that God meant that I shouldn’t sing, but he was telling me no about Hollywood. Now that I’m older, I understand why he told me no, but I will not explain. I had a dream to sing because of my mother always encouraging me to sing in the first place. I loved singing and still do. She had the same dream and was accepted to be a singer, but she turned it down. I will not explain or bother to go into detail.

When my mother died, a part of me died too. All I think about now is my mother, and she’s been dead since 2001. My dream to be a star is nothing to me now. Reality can hit so hard filled with so many troubles. Dealing with the death of a loved one is no joke. After my mom’s death, my father who was divorced from my mother came back into my life with another family. A father’s love, if it is love at all, is different than a mother’s love. He helped me do some things in life. My father is a man who loves pleasure, likes having fun, and likes having lots of money. It never took much for me. Once God asked me what it was that I wanted in life when my mother was alive. I really didn’t know how to answer, but now I know that love is all I really need.



I cannot say that my mother never wanted me, but she did have to leave me. It was not her choice. My father has changed in life making choices and he chose to leave me. Once when my mother and father was together, I remember hearing this song. It is by Elton John. The name of it is, Mama Can’t Buy You Love.

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