It’s Time


It’s time_____________
for Tisha Friday
Can you get into the Xen Lounge doors?

It’s time
About time
To get what you’ve been asking for.

It’s time
The right time
And it’s Tisha
She’s  4 Real.

It’s time
And your time
But time wants to stand still.

It’s time
Ya know it’s time.
People clocking in from Brazil.

Can you believe it?
Just receive it.
Sit back, relax, and chill.

Your time
is my time
People all over the world.

Tisha Friday
For you.
Man, Woman, boy, and girl.

Don’t hesitate
to celebrate.
Xen has a place for you.

Tisha Friday’s the day.
Come out and don’t delay.

© 2014 Gail Nobles


2 thoughts on “It’s Time

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