The Looks of Filmmaking and Economy

One day I woke up in a world where everything was suddenly different. I could gradually  see change in the entertainment world in the 90’s. When the Internet rose up, everybody was getting movies and music for free. It helped to put a big change on things. Today, it seems like the economy is having an effect on everything. I am seeing things change for the filming industry. Producing a movie doesn’t seem easy. It seems hard, and people do not seem to look for producers and studios. Today, it’s an independent thing, and almost anyone can make a movie now. Suddenly, I hear the word Indie Film. When I heard that word, I asked, “What in the world is Indie Film?” I guess it’s just another word for independent film.  Money does not grow on trees and people are trying to do things in an inexpensive way.

I believe that people will always love art and entertainment. We cannot live without it. There are people who try to make a way like Xen Lounge. They seem to think that the show must go on. Nothing seems to stop them. It’s possible that Xen Lounge will break out into something new there. Who knows, that might be the place to help make a change for filmmakers. We must press on and look on the bright side. Negative always seems to happen. It’s understandable when faith is low. I believe that hard times come because it teaches people that they need to reach out and help one another. When things are great all the time, nobody seems to look down to pick someone else up. Hard time teaches people who they ought to depend on and how much they should pray each day.


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