Ideas Are Important

Some people say that nobody wants ideas anymore. That is the craziest mess I have ever heard and seen. People want you to hand them everything and do not want to build upon nothing or pay a dime. Yet, they want you to do all of the work. If the actors and producers of Real Husbands of Hollywood thought this way, the show would not have been a success.

I have some fruit trees. I say, “Man, come and get some of this fruit!” The man never came. People want you to pick it up and carry heavy bags to their doorstep, and I just give the fruit away for free. No wonder the world is scary and hard. I don’t know what I’m going to see next.

Getting back to ideas, I do not really know why people wouldn’t want ideas. Ideas are important because what is out there in the world gets old. I believe that ideas are always needed. Things change and people change. Generations change. People need to plant seeds to get things started.

As I look at the show, “Real Husbands of Hollywood”, I see a new idea. The show is a reality show but comical too. I think that was a new and good idea. We need new ideas, and people would be bored if everything was the same way all of the time. More power to “Real Husbands of Hollywood”.  Ideas are important.


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