Franklin A. Davis Performs John Legend’s Tonight



It’s always so good to see Xen Lounge talent. It’s always great news to know that Xen Lounge is discovering new talent. We hear so much of the same performers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Listening to the radio, sometimes it seems like I hear the same songs a 1000 times 5 minuets a part. It seems like only a handful of people are being played on the radio. We need new people and new talent in the music world. We need Xen Lounge to welcome new talent. Thank you Xen Lounge and thank you Tonya Danee’ for uploading Franklin A. Davis wonderful performance at Xen Lounge. Now, Lets talk about Franklin A. Davis. He’s someone I know radio listeners might not have heard sing. He is performing John Legend’s “Tonight”. Franklin does a pretty good job singing the song. Just imagine how well he could do if he could perform his very own songs. Check out Franklin A. Davis.

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