Xen Lounge’s New Friend

My Xen Lounge Tale
Have you heard about Xen Lounge’s friend? People call him the Genie man, but I call him Sleepy. I sat down beside him and his dim half broken magical lamp. Notice that I said dim and half broken. He bends over for me to rub his shiny bald head for good luck, but I never touch him because I know there is bad luck. I figure if his lamp is dim, the luck can’t be much. The light only shines on his bald head. I know that if I give him a try, I’ll have to pay him, feed him, and give him a place to sleep too. I’ll have to pay him 3 ways. Sleepy ain’t no Genie yall and this is just a Xen Lounge Tale. Maybe you have a better tale than me or maybe something true. I’m Gail Nobles signing off for now.


Xen Lounge/Twitter


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