God, Man, and Pleasure



The Sunday post for today is God, man, and pleasure. God made man for his own pleasure. Rev. 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

If it were not for God, there would be no pleasure. I heard a voice in my conscious as I was on my knees praying one night saying, “Pray for Xen Lounge”. I asked thinking of Xen as a club, “What do you mean, Lord?” The voice answered and said, “Pray for the people.”  We all need prayer always. Who knows what God might be thinking, seeing, and how he is judging? God knows things that we don’t know. I did not ask God why I should pray for the people at Xen. He told me all that I needed to know, but I don’t know everything fully. So I’m not writing to accuse. I’m writing for myself thinking on the word of God, and I hope that it will be a help to others.

God does not mind that we have pleasure. I think he’s more concerned about how we do and what we do. God is concerned about our souls because I think he’s getting ready to crack the sky. He’s looking at everybody everywhere and even me.

It is God that allows us to be rich. It is God that allows a man to smoke without getting cancer. It is God that allows man to drink and still have good health. Some sickness is not for everybody. God gives us things sometimes that we might not deserve to have. He’s good and merciful. Amazing things can happen in our lives because of God, but Satan doesn’t have anything righteous and good to offer. He’s always there waiting to make us have a downfall. That’s why we should always remember the good Lord, but some men and women don’t want God and his good. There are men and women that like to do things their way and forget God. Some men and women like to say that they are their own god and blame God for everything. I can understand God’s anger against some men and women. If I could make people and were their God and creator, I would be upset too if they didn’t serve me.

Some men and women will bow down to a man that cause himself king before he bows down to the King of all Kings. A king of the earth will do you wrong and throw you in a fiery furnace. Men and women will bow down to images that can neither hear nor speak before they bows down to the real thing. What I’m trying to say is never forget the Lord God in heaven. Worship him as you live. Pray for good pleasure and do what is right. Study his ten commandments.


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