Dani Wright and the Misters Singing “Say Something”



I have heard Christiana Aguilera sing “Say Something”. It’s a popular song. I have heard other folks singing this song. Dani Wright and the Misters is a group that I have heard sing it, and they have done a great job. They have performed at Xen Lounge.

Whenever I hear this song, I think about my mom when she was dying. She went into a coma, and I couldn’t wake her up. Her telephone calls stopped from the hospital, but I never gave up on her. She could still feel me, and I could feel her knowing that I was helping her breath right by counting with my fingers against her arm. When she died, I prayed to God to bring her back with my hands laid on her. Her life returned, but for only a few hours. Right now today, I haven’t given up on her, and I can still feel her.

This song also makes me think of families that are not communicating and getting along. Life is short. Do what you have to do now to make things right. Enjoy this performance by Dani Wright and the Misters.


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