The Other Side of Tisha



We see Tisha at the lounge and on television. We know the celebrity side of her, but there are some of us that do not know the real Tisha. We see one side of her all the time, but we do not see the other side. There are some of us that would like to know what she does in her spare time. It looks like she stays in shape from time to time to live a healthier life.

Beautiful land of Lala

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It’s nice to know who your favorite celebrity really is. Sometimes you just might want to know what they like, and although we see celebrities as celebrities, we really don’t know them at all. Some of us would like to know our favorite celebrities as people. They are people who some of us would simply just say hello to and ask them how they are doing. Well, from the looks of things, Tisha looks like she’s doing well.

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