Lounge Black History



Xen Lounge is the first black lounge that I have heard of in my generation and is known to be popular. XEN Lounge opened in Studio City in September 2012. I was wondering if there were anymore lounges like Xen. From Twitter, I have seen Bounce TV post that there is another black lounge in Black History. The Lounge is called Lenox Lounge. According to Wikipedia, it was a long standing bar in Harlem, New York City. The bar was founded in 1939. Both the exterior facade and interior of Lenox Lounge were featured in the film American Gangster. The Lounge also featured as the hangout of Detective John Shaft in the 2000 remake of the film Shaft. The Lounge is popular for scenes in films.

According to Bounce TV, Lenox Lounge is the place where Alex Haley interviewed Malcolm X, and Langston Hughes narrated “The Story of Jazz.” It’s where the musical greats, including Billy Holiday, Miles Davis, and Frank Sinatra, came to perform — their home away from home.

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