Xen Lounge’s Friend Just Might Exist

Xen Lounge's Friend

It was last year that I heard that Xen Lounge had a new friend. I haven’t heard any buzz about him this year. I do not know his name. I was calling him sleepy because of the way the original photo looked that was taken of him. Xen Lounge’s friend could also be called Big Red. There was another photo taken of him, but I cannot find it on the internet anymore.

Xen Lounge’s friend was taken from imagination and put into Xen Lounge. He just might exist. If he’s a friend of Duane Martin’s, and if he’s a lover-boy, Duane better watch out. He might find ole Big Red sitting home with Tisha. That’s probably how he got put into Xen Lounge in the first place. Oops! Forgot where I was. Wow! What a grim tale! Let me get back to reality. I got lost in fairy land where there are some strange times and places. I don’t want to get so lost that I can’t find my way back. Maybe they’ll be more update on Xen Lounge’s friend. Peace out.


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