A Married Couple, Clubs, Lounges, and Bars



There was a married couple that I knew about as old as my mother and father. I heard talk of them going to clubs, lounges, and bars when they were young. They seemed to get along alright in their marriage, but every time they went to hang out and to meet people, there were arguments between them. They asked each other, “Are you happy? What are we doing this for?” The husband and the wife both came to the conclusion that they were not happy. I’m thinking that they went to places like clubs, bars, and lounges to find happiness, and they thought it would help their married life.

I do not know what their arguments were about. It could have been about other women. There are plenty of them when you are clubbing and plenty of guys too. It seems like when you go out to dance and have a good time, you would think that you would have a good time. However, it was not for this particular couple. When you are married and attracted to other folks, the club might not be the place to go. There may be a lot of temptations if you are not a strong person. First you are drunk, dancing with someone else, and then there’s a fight. One thing can lead to another.

A married couple can meet people, eat, dance, and have a great time, but not at just any club, lounge, or bar. Maybe a sophisticated club or lounge will do the trick. Maybe a neighborhood cook-out would be even better. A good time doesn’t always have to be at a club, lounge, or bar.
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