The Man, The Lion, and The Greater One

Duane Cover2

There are three front doors to Xen Lounge and one is a man. He’s the door of all doors to his lounge. The Man has the power to close and open the doors. He has the the power to lock and unlock those doors because he holds the keys. It is no place for the poor man. However, The Owner of the lounge has the power to bring in whomever he pleases. He has the power to welcome all, but there is one greater than he.

THE ONE that is greater has the power to give and the power to take away (Job 1:21). He is the door to heaven (St.John 10:9). THE LION represents The GREATER ONE (Rev.5:5). The Man has the same power to his lounge. Whether he accepts The GREATER ONE, I do not know, but the image of a lion is on his door. Whatever The Owner does has already been done because of THE GREATER ONE. The wealth that he has was given to men, and it is because of THE GREATER ONE (Duet. 8:18). In HIS father’s house are many mansions (St. John 14:2).

The Greater One is The Christ

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