Why I Admire Tisha and Duane for Owning a Lounge



Where I come from, I have known only two or three black families to own their own restaurant, but they didn’t last very long. Most African Americans that I know are lucky if they can get a job. Some of them do not look for business or think that it’s hard for a black man to have a business. It’s extra hard when people are envious of one another and do not stick together. When I heard that Tisha and Duane had their own lounge, I was excited for them.

I live in a small town, but it seems that there are so many Chinese that own restaurants. They can leave their country and get a business in my home town faster than an African American man. I don’t understand it and will never understand it. It looks like the American man is always looking out for the foreigner first anyway, and the people in his own country should be taken care of first.

I’ll never forget when my grandparents once owned a store. I don’t know anyone else in my family like them except my mom who had the mind and skills to own a business. Some people struggle alone and do not know how to go about doing things. I don’t know how my grandparents managed to own a store.

Tisha and Duane were already successful before they ever owned a lounge. I admire them for trying to have something in life together. That’s the way husbands and wives should be in every race. That should be every family. That would make a stronger nation.


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