Xen Lounge May Be the Spot that Has Brought Something Good to Someone

Snap 2015-03-09 at 19.53.54

The Political Lounge

When there is music and entertainment, I think about the affect that it has on people. Nobody is thinking about civil rights when they are having fun dancing. Nobody is fighting against race. Blacks and whites can mingle together and sit down to eat when they are hungry. Nobody is thinking about whose rich and whose poor on the dance floor. Music seems to bring people together and everyone has fun. Xen Lounge seems to be that kind of place regardless of all the violence and police brutality in the streets. There is power in music and good times. We need good and happy times.

Some talented people have came to Xen Lounge. It is the spot that has brought something good to someone in these trying times. Xen Lounge has given someone a few minuets of fame in life and maybe more than that. It may be the only Hollywood that some people will ever know. Tisha and Duane Martin may be making a difference in people’s lives more than they realize. Somebody is leaving Xen Lounge with joy and somebody is leaving with a smile. Xen Lounge may be keeping someone off the street from violence. Some people have no where to go and nothing to do. Tisha and Duane may have started a good thing when they started open mic night and much more. If it had not been for Xen Lounge, I would have never heard of the performers there. We need talent. We need music. It can be found at Xen Lounge.


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