Tisha Campbell Has So Much to Give

Snap 2015-05-16 at 08.58.12

Tisha Campbell has so much to give. When it comes to acting, she can be serious, and she can be funny. However, she has a family too and a schedule she has to go by. I can imagine that it can be quite a bit to have a career and a family. Now she is to co-star in the new ABC comedy “Dr. Ken” this fall. Tisha has been missed by many fans, and the ones that have been hating her, I think they miss her too. They still mention her as much as the fans that love her. We loved her on the comedy Martin and My Wife and Kids and House Party. That’s how I know that she has so much to give. When you look at her from back then, you know she can act. Those rolls that she was given then was truly herself I believe. You could tell that she could relate to those rolls because she acted them out too well.

I always pictured Tisha and her friend Tichina Arnold in a movie like Bad Boys starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. I miss seeing Tisha and her friend together in acting. They are crazy together and fun to watch. I always believed that they deserved a big movie roll. Somebody in Hollywood needs to give them a chance to give what they got. Who knows what may happen. If the move is a hit, it could be broken down into a mini serious for television. People would want more and more of them. Sometimes viewers can see more, and we know what we want to see. I think we should see more of Tisha with some of her talented friends as well.

See the preview of the new comedy


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