Ohannon Sings Stay With Me

Ohannon Sings, “Stay With Me”, by Sam Smith. He has a rhythm and blues style singing it I guess you could say, and it sounds nice. Like Otis Redding, Ohannon can take a song and sing it the way that he wants to after hearing the original singer. He has a soul artist sound. For those of us that have heard soulful singers from the 1960’s can understand the voice of Ohannon. He has the old and best style that artists use to have that will never really go away. This means that Ohannon knows something about a meaningful song and how to sing.


3 thoughts on “Ohannon Sings Stay With Me

  1. Hi Gail It’s K.J. from The Hit Lounge. I just wanted to say thank you for selecting the videos I’ve posted to showcase the talent we’ve encountered at Xen Lounge. It’s truly a place that’s Artist friendly and needed in the neighborhood. Glad you enjoy our work. -K.J.

    • Hi! I didn’t know who owned the videos, but they are great videos with great talent. I hope you keep posting them because those artist need to be heard. People need to help spread the word. I don’t hang out in clubs and lounges, but Xen Lounge looks like a good place for talent and entertainment from afar. Xen Lounge remind me of Appollo and the place is making history. I hope Tisha and Duane Martin stay blessed in their business. Thanks for writing me and letting me know you posted the videos.

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