Xen Lounge-Musicville

You’ve heard of Motown (Hitsville) and Stax (Soulsville). Xen Lounge has a little bit of both and all kinds of music which makes them Musicville when it comes to music. Xen Lounge is so much more than a club and a restaurant. It is everything put together by the entrepreneurship of Duane Martin. I’m hoping that Xen Lounge is never lost because of enemies, greed, and jealousy. I hope that it will stand in it’s spot for many years to come. People say that all good things must come to an end. Whoever thought of that? Nothing good should end, but evil must end. Never let a good thing die.

Xen Lounge has extraordinary talent like Tisha Campbell Martin ( the wife of Duane Martin), Lorie Moore, BSlade, and others. They all seem to be great friends, and I hope that they will always be because that is what makes Xen Lounge strong. The lounge is filled with great stars known and unknown. So Xen Lounge is more than a club and a restaurant. When I see it’s stars on posters, I see a music label and pop charts. The lounge is like a studio and stage filled with stardom.

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