The Xen Lounge Band


If you have watched the Xen Lounge clips and videos, you might have seen a small band backing some of the performers that perform at Xen Lounge. I don’t know the name of the band members or whom they are. Their faces are not known that well just looking from the Internet, but I have heard the musicians play very well.

Xen Lounge seems to be the most talked about lounge. This is the lounge where you might have seen Earth Wind and Fire perform and Will Smith. If you are not famous and have your own gig without a band, Xen Lounge has a great playing band. The founder, Duane Martin, seems to be running a lounge that gives people a chance to sing like on open mic night.

Seeing posts, pictures, and clips of Xen Lounge, there is something called Memphis Soul Mondays for Monday nights. I do not know how things are done at Xen Lounge that well, but I can imagine the Xen Lounge band playing on that night. It would be nice to see a few clips of nothing but the band playing their guitars and drums.


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