What Is Tisha Campbell’s New Single Saying to You?

What is Tisha Campbell’s new single, “Im Steel Here”, saying to you? It could be saying a lot of things to a lot of people. The words, I’m Steel Here, is saying a lot right by itself, and especially the way the word “Steel” is spelled.

When I first heard the single, it made me think of my twin brothers in the military. One of them told me that he was almost killed, but he’s still here. I thank God that both of my brothers are still here. I also have another brother that could have died and was very sick growing up, but he’s well now, and thank God he’s still here.

The song also made me think of my mother who has passed away. I can hear her spirit saying, “Child, I did not die”. One day I actually felt her touch me after she first passed away. When a loved one dies in the Lord, I believe that he sends a sign or a message to let you know that they are still here, and not really gone. God is a good God, and he is always here.

I could go on and on and on and on. Thank God Tisha Campbell is Steel Here. It’s wonderful that she is still here to bring us another song.


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