The Sound of the Streets Walks into Xen Lounge

A guy named Ivy has something to say. He brought the sound of the streets into Xen Lounge talking about Moon Rock (a dangerous drug). Sometimes I don’t understand some of the language of hip hop although I can write it myself. Sometimes it is drowned out by profanity, violence, anger, confusion, adultery, and pain. I think that is why it is heard as a negative sound in this day and age. You really have to try to understand some of it, and pay close attention to the lyrics and what the rapper is saying.

I heard Ivy say something about Malcolm X of hip hop. That means that he must have some education about Malcolm X. I know the image of Malcolm, and I think Malcolm had some very good speeches that were understood. He opened the minds of the people. Ivy can do the same in hip hop. He could be a strong leader too. Ivy could be a threat, and his words could take the liquor and drugs out of a man’s hand. Some people have the power to change things, but not everybody knows that they can do greater things. Some folks welcome evil and want to be a nobody. It is every man’s choice to do what he wants to do. Some people are not taught how to do things right so they may have a little bit more of an excuse.

The sound of the streets sound like a cold world. There is police brutality, crime, drugs, racism, and a whole lot of noise. That’s all some rappers know. It is the life that they live and that is all that they see. So whenever I hear a hip hop artists, it’s no longer about fun, party, and contests anymore like in the old days. It’s more serious than that now. So I believe that hip hop artists really do have something to say, but we do not always know how to use our talents and abilities in the right way. We get turned away, and we are judged by the things we do and say.

Regardless of background, race, and whatever it may be, Ivy got someone’s ear, and he was heard. Xen Lounge gave him a chance.


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