Xen Lounge Report (GN Audio)


Hi! I’m Gail Nobles.
Today I’m thinking about a special restaurant named Xen Lounge.

Xen lounge is a Restaurant owned by actor Duane Martin in Studio City, California. It is a place looks like everyone wants to visit. Especially talented performers. It has great live music. Some of the performers are recording artists such as Lori Moore, BSlade, and Tisha Campbell-M . If you can get into Xen Lounge and be a part of open mic night, that may be more than great.

Duane Martin must be very fortunate to live in California. Xen Lounge seems to be in a very good environment. If you go to the lounge, you just might meet your favorite superstar. It is said that Xen lounge has delicious food and cocktails. I hear that you have to make reservations in advance if you want a table, especially on Fridays. Friday is when you get to see Tisha Campbell-M sing. Xen Lounge calls it Tisha Friday.

XEN Lounge opened in Studio City in September 2012. It is four years old today. The lounge is named after Duane’s son. So while you’re passing through in Studio City, California don’t forget to stop by Xen Lounge.

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