Victor Orlando in the Groove

At Xen Lounge, on a Social Club Sunday, Victor Orlando was in the groove with Myra Washington. They perform well together. When I first heard and saw a video of Victor with his band, it brought back memories of funk like James Brown. My eyes were glued to my monitor. Victor struck Xen Lounge with his rhythm and band. People were up out of their seats and dancing. I haven’t heard old school funk in years, but Victor and his music has come to say that it has not died. However, when I listen to more of Victor’s music, I find he is not about just funk. Victor is about Funk, Jazz, and Latin. He can throw down on instruments. Victor is a percussionist to the stars, and he is a whole lot more than that. It is said that he played with the Gap Band in the 80’s. Since it was mentioned, I do remember. To me, Victor Orlando is a soulful man altogether. You can hear his music at and can find out more about him.


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