BSlade — The Star Spangled Banner

Tisha Campbell Martin is proud of the man that produced her album which is BSlade. I never knew the man until I saw him on Xen Lounge posters and videos. I had never heard BSlade sing, but other people seem to know him from his past works in the music business. When I first heard him sing, I thought he was a knock out singer. Since BSlade produced Tisha’s album, he might as well be called a producer and singer. Producers like Quincey Jones and Berry Gordy were great producers. However they were not singers. It’s possible that BSlade could be next in line as a top producer if he keeps on producing and recognizing great talent like Tisha Campbell Martin. What I don’t understand is why this man isn’t bigger than he is. Also, Tisha is a great singer. I know from her past works, and I don’t know why she isn’t bigger than she is. I just hope that no matter how high they get that they stay good folks and last a long time with their talents.

BSlade is singing the Star Spangled Banner. Check it out.


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