Tommy Ford Presents Baby Mama’s Club

Do you remember the guy from Martin that didn’t have a job? He was Gina (Tisha Campbell) and Martin’s friend. His name is Tommy Ford, and he’s got a job. For all of you that wonder what his job is and never knew, Tommy has been making films. Some of you may have never seen any of his films. So I want to start by writing about his film called Baby Mama’s Club. It is a Lionsgate release 2013. It is new to me because I have never seen the film. The film has an all star cast. you can get the film at Walmart or Redbox. Tommy Ford is a great independent filmmaker.

James, a consummate womanizer, and Randall, a devoted husband, are unlikely best friends. But when Randall becomes a father for the first time and James for the 17th time, they both seek out an unconventional form of counseling to aid them in their relationships. Hilarious events ensue as Randall tries to gain the respect of his wife and James attempts to control his sexual addiction while fending off his baby mamas.


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