Xen Lounge ft. Voice Rogers singing No Diggity cover by Blackstreet

Do you remember the group Black Street singing No Diggity in the 90’s? Now, Voice Rogers is singing No Diggity at Xen Lounge. He sounds kind of like the group with the Xen Lounge band backing him up. It’s nice that people are still keeping old school music alive. There are a lot of old school music fans believe it or not. Xen Lounge is the place to catch some old school tunes.

YouTube: Original Rap written by Voice Rogers “Well did the dream die or did the message pass you by I don’t mean to propose a threat but have we made it to the promise land yet, some of us have made it this far but others never will the black race is going to an ordeal, as we pull ourselves together and unite as one our existance as a people has just begun, if it’s the life of a looser that you’re living according to your mission you’d better listen to this message that i’m given, I’m nice like beans and rice I am delicious, NO MORE KILLING THE BLACK MAN WITHOUT RESISTANCE!”

-Voice Rogers-


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