Xen Lounge Could Also be a Xen Lounge Theater for Internet



Things are changing in the film industry. Sometimes reaching an audience is hard. Xen Lounge already has an audience, but they can have an even bigger audience when it comes to their entertainment. Tisha and Duane Campbell already have skills and knowledge about filmmaking just being actors. They can carry their knowledge and skills with them no matter where they go. Tisha and Duane entertains their audience on stage at the lounge. They could make their own films while doing it, and could use the Internet. Even in the film making business, jobs can be hard to get. Tisha and her husband Duane can create their own job in their lounge, and in their own private home. Xen Lounge is a restaurant, but part of it could be a Xen Lounge Theater.

Tisha and Duane could get their ideas off of the ground and prepared for television. They could make their own Independent films and maybe even web series. It is said that creating a web series is extremely low cost compared to creating a TV series. If they started a web series, they could take it to television later if it is a success online. People love a good story and people will spread the word about how good a story is. They can help others create web series as well using their lounge and stage.

The Xen Lounge owners are already their own boss. They can write and produce the way that they want to. There are so many things that could happen at Xen Lounge.


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