Recording Artists Need to go Back to Making Vinyl Records and Make it Harder for Thieves

Recording artists are online begging people to buy their CD’s. However, it seems like people are not buying music as much as they use to. Why should they? The CD’s don’t have that great quality sound like vinyl records, the music today is not positive and real, and everything is uploaded to the internet. So what do recording artists do? First, I think they should go back to making positive and real music, and second, I think they should go back to making vinyl records as they do so. That might slow things down just a bit when it comes to people file sharing the music. People still can share the music online, but they might have to do a little bit more work and hooking up. That is the key. Recording artists need to get together and come up with a plan on how to make people have to work harder to steal. If the music is great anyway, and if fans love the music, fans will eventually buy the music.

The internet is still a blessing though. Recording artists are online trying to promote themselves and their music. They are on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Periscope. The internet has giving them an opportunity to advertise their music.



Radio is very important for recording artists. It is important that their music is played and that they are heard. If it weren’t for the disc jockeys, music would not be played. If it’s not played on the radio, it might be hard to even get people to buy the music, but radio has changed a lot too. Now we have online radio, and I think online radio is better than the radio in my car. On the Internet, there is more of a variety of music and artists to choose from with online radios like Pandora. If you are just listening to radio in your car, you have to wait to hear a particular artist. If a new artist has made his first single, you will most likely hear him online and may never hear him on the radio in your car. However, radio use to be the main place that people depended on to hear the music. We need those days to come back again so that recording artists can make a living.


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