Comedian Gary G Thang — Johnson _ When Your Barber Doesn’t Have His License Yet

Comedian Gary G Thang Johnson said, “When your Barber don’t have his license yet. You’re afraid to trust him. LOL.”

Gary is a comedian alright, and he can make you laugh. It was fun to see him with his barber on Instagram. Gary doesn’t get up out of his chair assuming that the job is done. He checks his barber’s work, and looks hard into the mirror.

When your Barber don't have his license yet. You're afraid to trust him. LOL

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There are some things that Gary will sometimes say that might be funny but also truthful. He said, “They should have a TV channel named whack. Because it’s a bunch of corny shows and a lot of untalented people on them.”

I have to agree with Gary G Thang Johnson 100% about TV. I’m glad he made this statement on Twitter because something needs to be done.

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