The Lounge Show Mix – The Hit Lounge

Spotify/ Gail Nobles

Spotify/ Gail Nobles

When I began writing about Xen Lounge, I learned about The Hit Lounge. The Hit Lounge is about music events, artist profiles, interviews, and entertainment news. They also have their own YouTube channel. The Hit Lounge have video clips of Xen Lounge. I found out that I was sharing at least one of them.
Searching The Hit Lounge site, I came across a group called The Foreign Exchange. I fell in love with their music right away. It was a group that I had never heard of. They reminded me of some of the great groups in the 80’s like the Gap Band and Rick James. That is why I love their music. Then I found about some other artists that I had never heard of and made another playlist of lounge music. I call it The Lounge Show Mix.




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