Does It Makes Since for a Bar to Pay to Show a Mayweather Fight Purchasing License?


Rather than pay (Pay-Per-View) to see a Floyd Mayweather fight at home on television, some people will go to a sports bar or restaurant to see the fight. That’s not a bad idea for customers, but if you own a bar or a restaurant, you have to purchase a license to show a fight. It does not make sense to me. It’s just another way to get money.

People loose a lot of freedom to own and have enjoyment because of money. There is always a tax or fee on something. Nothing in this life is free and some things are meant to be free. For an example, where I am from, you have to have a license to go fishing, and to go fishing was given to man from God for free. I do not think it is necessary, and I do not think it is necessary for restaurant owners to have a license to see a fight. Why can’t restaurant owners just pay cash for the Pay-Per-View fight and entertain their customers? Why bother with a license from a company if the restaurant owner just simply pays for the fight? If he pays for the fight, he should be able to show the fight because he would be paying for it. Nothing is simple anymore because of money and greed.


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