Blogger’s Note

I am just a fan of Tisha C. Martin and her husband Duane Martin. When it comes to their personal lives, I know nothing about them. All I know is that they are entertainers, and they have two handsome boys. Their names are Ezekiel and Xen. Tisha and Duane owns a restaurant (lounge). The Xen Lounge was named after their oldest son, Xen. I have enjoyed watching Tisha and Duane in the headlines of their career. I would like to thank everyone that has found interest in reading this blog. It’s nice to know that there are other Tisha and Duane fans.

When I saw the talent that was in the lounge, I had to share the videos from YouTube. There is nothing on the blog that I own. I’m just sharing and spreading the word about Xen. I have thoughts that I need to write. Tisha and Duane has a great vision. May God continue to bless them and I pray that he will guide them in their career.


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