Film Idea: Radio Man

March 24 2014




Radio Man

When LL Cool J made his first album, I was impressed with his rhymes and lyrics. My favorite rap song from LL Cool J’s first album is “Radio”. When I was in high school, I pictured him as the RadioMan. In the fan art, he is dressed in a radio armor suit. A radio and tape deck is built into him. The loud sound from the suit is his power to break glass. RadioMan has the power to adjust the volume.


City Model

Sometimes small buildings turn out to be bigger buildings. Sometimes small businessess turn out to be bigger. Sometimes a small building on a corner can turn out to be a company in 2 or 3 different places. Sometimes a city model can really be a real city. People seek out land and plan their dreams. A dream or a plan doesn’t always happen when you want it to, and planning doesn’t hurt. Dreaming doesn’t hurt. That’s what Duane Martin did, and his dream happened.Today, he has his own restaurant lounge. Never stop dreaming. One thing can lead to another.

 Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons


Sunday Gospel Brunch



It’s a wonderful thing that Tisha and Duane remembers God and Church at their lounge. They welcome people to sing gospel. God is looking, and I’m praying that he will give them a special blessing for remembering him. I’m hoping to see great gospel singers like Andrae Crouch as well as unknown gospel singers at the lounge in the future.


Indie Film Night

YouTube/ CSI

YouTube/ CSI

Indie Film Night is all about independent films. It would be nice if an independent film maker made a new Kojak film. The new Kojak could be LL Cool J. To me, he is the Kojak of our time from the television show CSI. The real Kojak, Telly Savalas, ate lollipops. If LL played Kojak and ate lollipops too, his wife Simone would probably make lollipop jewelry for him to wear in the movie. One thing could lead to another. She owns a jewelry line.


Tisha’s Book, “My Brother Doesn’t Want to Play”: Autism

Tisha writes a book about autism in story book form. It is Illustrated by her brother, Stanley Campbell. He is a great artist to me. As I read the book, I think about the great story telling gospel singing Shirley Caesar. I think about how Tisha’s book can be put to music and singing. I can hear Tisha’s voice acting out her part with the little girl in the story. I can hear Shirley Caesar singing with Tisha. The title of the book is, My Brother Doesn’t Want to Play. It could be another project for Indie Film Night. I also picture Shirley Caesar at the Sunday Gospel Brunch.


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